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Featured Studio Owner

Joe Yurick
Home Video Studio - Columbia

Date: 10/17/2009

Home Video Studio is a unique blend of cutting edge video technology and good old-fashioned service. This is no more evident than at Home Video Studio of Columbia, MD where Joe and Anna Yurick apply this formula daily. Joe, the technology specialist, has worked in the computer field at the corporate level most of his adult life, but his passion for video and photography started when he received a video camera at age seven. He has been shooting and editing projects ever since, including two documentary length travelogues.

Anna has worked in the real estate and retail fields and brings a service oriented, people centered demeanor to this dynamic duo.

Working from home, applying their skills, and making money doing something they love are the reasons Joe and Anna made the easy decision to become Home Video Studio owners. Joe and Anna Yurick, October's Studio Owners of the Month, look forward to satisfying their customers with the latest video technology served with a smile.

Joe and Anna Yurick
Home Video Studio - Columbia
Columbia, MD

Joe Yurick
Columbia MD

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