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John Fehling
Home Video Studio - Arvada

Date: 11/17/2009

There's no joy quite like turning your hobby into a profitable business. That's exactly what Steve and Kim Dalbec did a few years back when they purchased a Home Video Studio franchise

"Dad was a photographer for the Air Force," says Dalbec, "and going on shoots and seeing him work with photographs in the darkroom gave me an appreciation for this kind of work." This enjoyment led him to shooting and editing his kids' scouts, dance and sports events.

When Steve saw an ad in Videomaker magazine about turning his passion into a business it planted a seed that sprouted into a desire. In due time this desire turned into an opportunity.

"Certain events demanded that we move back home to Colorado so we decided to remake our career as well," says Dalbec. Steve came to the Home Video Studio family after a thirty year career at UPS, where, as an industrial engineer he diagnosed data and planned for expansion. Of course, this ability is applicable to his new business as well. Steve's planning and diagnostic skills come into play daily as he charts the course for his entrepreneurial adventures. Besides posting a record year in sales, Steve has also taken home some prizes for his video excellence at the annual Hanley Awards, notably Rookie Video of the Year and The Rising Star Award.

Steve and Kim's business is truly a family affair, involving their son Paul. Lately their dog Snickers has even become involved in the act as "Poster Dog" and is a customer favorite.

Besides being a video master Steve is a master barbequer, a fisherman, a guitar player and the Vice President of PR for Toastmasters chapter. Congratulations to Steve and Kim Dalbec, Home Video Studio's November Studio of the Month.

Steve and Kim Dalbec
Home Video Studio - Westminster
Westminster, CO
877 221-0552

John Fehling
Arvada Co

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