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Featured Studio Owner

Anthony Miklos
Home Video Studio - Brecksville

Date: 12/17/2009

Like many Home Video Studio owners our December Owner of the Month comes to us from an IT background. However Tony Miklos has transcended the strictly technical aspect of video production to become a well-rounded entrepreneur. Attracted to the business because of the profit potential and self-determination Tony opened the first retail store-front for Home Video Studio in 2003 in Brecksville OH in the Cleveland area. He has become a seasoned business owner in every aspect including marketing and customer service.

"Besides the technical and creative aspects of this business I have found I like making people happy and helping them realize their dreams through the use of my video services," says Miklos, "I guess that's why one of my favorite profit centers is Sports Scholarship Videos. I enjoy sports and I like the prospect of helping young athletes achieve the next level of their careers."

Tony is nearly always at the top of the Digital Film Transfer roster as well. "I'd like to think I have a lot of film customers because I live in an older section of the city so there's a lot of 8 and 16 millimeter film waiting to be upgraded. Whatever the case it's a satisfying service to provide." In addition to being a technical whiz and a good businessman Tony has proven his creative acumen by taking home several Hanley trophies through the years, including Best Use of Sound Effects, Best Use of Home Movie Transfer, and Best Use of Motion.

Tony likes to spend his free time doing many activities with his family. Congratulations Tony Miklos, December Studio Owner of the Month.

Anthony Miklos
Home Video Studio - Brecksville
Brecksville, OH

Anthony Miklos
Brecksville OH

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