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Featured Studio Owner

Jack Otepka
Home Video Studio - Apex

Date: 09/24/2010

There's an old saying: The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win. No Home Video Studio owner exemplifies this maxim quite like our Studio Owners of the Month - Peter and Sharon Galluzzo. Their journey, from first thoughts about entrepreneurship to their recognition as 2010 Studio Owners of the Year, is a well-documented story of strategic planning and daily diligence to doing the right thing to meet their goals.

When we first began to inquire about Home Video Studio and whether it might be a good fit for us we realized we needed to take some preliminary steps to ensure a successful venture, says Sharon. The first of these was to take care of some personal debt so we wouldn't have that pressure added to the cares of starting a business. So they did.

In the meantime, says Sharon, we knew that we wanted to talk to a lot of people to get some wise counsel. So they did.

Then, when the time was right, Peter and Sharon knew it was time to pull the trigger. So they did.

Peter and Sharon share a formula that works well for many of our studio owners. Peter, with a computer and IT background, became interested in video as an AV volunteer at his church. Sharon is well-versed in public relations and fundraising. Together they make a great team able to handle both the marketing and technical aspects of the business.

Has their strategic plan panned out? They've won The Quickstart Award, The Relationship Mindset Award, Best Press Release, Timeline Award, and Owners of the Year. And they are making money.

Does Sharon have any advice for studio owners? Home Video Studio has a proven plan in place, she says. We just follow the plan.

Following a plan. Knowing the Galluzzos this is par for the course.

Peter and Sharon Galluzzo
Home Video Studio - Apex
Apex, NC

Jack Otepka
Apex NC

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