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Jack Otepka
Home Video Studio - Apex

Date: 05/24/2011

Peter and Sharon Galluzzo are Home Video Studio owners in Apex NC and they took in over $20,000 last month working from their home in a business that they love. This is the vision we offer people here at Home Video Studio. This is why we proudly present them as our May Home Video Studio Owners of the Month.

How does an outstanding month like this happen? Not by accident. It takes takes planning, work and daily diligence to your goals: "First, we've been consistent in our daily marketing to establish a presence - and it came together last month," offers Sharon.

"Next," says Galluzzo, "was personal referrals. We've learned you really need word of mouth business."

"And lastly we kept our mind on customer service - especially with graduation deadlines and we said 'Yes, we can do that' a lot," laughs Sharon.

What makes Peter and Sharon's "May flowers" smell sweeter is that it's the confirmation of a strategic decision they made months ago. As you can see, if there's anyone who plans, sets goals and covers the bases it's the Galluzzos. And yet with all the strategies and contingencies in place it's rare to see a true success story that doesn't involve risk. Peter and Sharon opened their studio in June of 2008 with a goal of Peter devoting himself full-time as soon as possible. After straddling for a little over two years Peter and Sharon decided to take that risk last October when Peter left the comfort of his nine - to - five corporate computer/IT job to go full time as a Home Video Studio Owner. Seems like it's paying off.

Peter and Sharon share a formula that works well for many of our studio owners. Peter, with a computer and IT background, became interested in video as an AV volunteer at his church. Sharon is well-versed in public relations and fundraising. Together they make a great team able to handle both the marketing and technical aspects of the business, and they can do it all from home, staying close to their two daughters.

Daily diligence to moving forward, patience, customer service and an occasional leap of faith. Stuff of a successful business and it works well for Peter and Sharon Galluzzo.

Peter and Sharon Galluzzo
Home Video Studio - Apex
Apex, NC

Jack Otepka
Apex NC

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