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Featured Studio Owner

Alan and Kim Fon
Home Video Studio - Corpus Christi

Date: 06/24/2011

There's a humorous quote that says: "He who waits upon fortune is never sure of a dinner." This certainly applies to our June Studio Owners of the Month Alan and Kim Fon of Port Aransas, TX. From an early age they learned that success comes from taking daily action to do what is necessary for ultimate success. "Kim learned about business and customer service as a young girl," says Alan, "when she used to ride her bicycle all over town picking up parts for her dad's auto dealerships service department." Alan, meanwhile, started working at Radio Shack while still in high school and soon became a store manager and then a regional manager.

The Fons met when their mutual ascent in the business world found them working at Radio Shack's regional office in Florida. Then they moved to Fort Worth to work for Grid Systems, a manufacturer of ruggedized laptops, then AST computers and after that Dell computer, where both were senior managers. All the while they were simultaneously taking on more and more challenges and responsibilities and building the skill sets that would eventually bring them full circle to their own business. "Even in the years of corporate settings I've always been entrepreneurial," Alan reflects, "and by that I mean I always ask myself ‘What can I do to make this venture successful? How can I develop the people and relationships that will produce a successful outcome?' "

Since Alan and Kim were based in Austin with Dell they vacationed in Port Aransas on the Gulf Coast near Corpus Christi. It reminded them of Florida so they decided to make it their full-time home. Taking a year off to regroup they, in true entrepreneurial fashion, saw a need in the real estate and rental industry and started Island Digital Images as a resource to realtors. Island Digital Images photographs properties and creates 3600 virtual tours that can be uploaded to different Web sites including Realtor.com and YouTube. The Fons produce several hundred virtual tours a year.

Never resting on their laurels the Fons began looking for a complementary business that would provide natural growth. They happened to be looking at their own disintegrating home videos and thought that "Video Services for Everyone" would make a great business that would dovetail with their existing business. Thus Port Aransas Home Video Studio opened March 24, 2011. In a short time they have hit the ground running, doing tape transfers, film to DVD transfers, photokeepsakes, web commercials and even a music video. "We enjoy the challenges of technology, we love being in a creative business," says Alan, "but by far the greatest joy we receive being studio owners is seeing the satisfaction and sometimes the tears of gratitude from our customers. We provide a service to our community that can't be beat!"

Like many studio owners the Fons are a great husband and wife team with interlacing skills. They are very involved with church and community organizations. They have a track record of success and achievement, and that's not about to stop now. "We are confident in our enterprise and its success," says Fon, "because our approach is, and always has been, that if we are going to invest ourselves in anything we will work as hard as we need to make it work." Based on the Fons' history of achievement that is not hard to believe.

Alan and Kim Fon
Home Video Studio - Port Aransas
Port Aransas, TX

Alan and Kim Fon
Corpus Christi TX

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