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Mike Bartlett
Home Video Studio - Wanamaker

Date: 08/24/2011

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." - Michael Jordan

There's a certain energy resident in a successful Home Video Studio owner. It's a force that puts things in motion. It's a contagious attitude that makes others want to be around it. It's a passion that overcomes daily challenges. Darrell Day, our August Studio Owner of the Month, is a great example of that energy.

"When I considered becoming a studio owner I had two rather large obstacles that loomed in front of me," says Day. "The first was that I didn't really have any money labeled 'Start Business Money' and the second was I could barely cut and paste on my computer - so the thought of all the technical requirements demanded to do video work was daunting. Despite that I knew I wanted to be a studio owner and I thought I'd be pretty good at it."

So Darrell took action. He decided to use some of his 401K money to fund his enterprise - and he figured his technical skills would have to come as he needed them. On March fourteenth of this year Darrell opened his storefront Home Video Studio in Greenwood, IN and has, from scratch, brought in nearly $50,000.

While many of our owners come to Home Video Studio from a technical background or a sales background Darrell's path to our family took a little different route. Darrell loves to sing. In fact, he loves to sing so much that, after earning his Bachelor's degree in Music from Eastern Kentucky Universtiy, his exuberance put him in Europe performing opera and then singing with an opera company in Miami. "What good are passions," says Darrell, "if you don't take action?"

Darrell eventually returned to the midwest, got his Master's Degree from Butler University and was a choral director for fifteen years. It was at this time that he met Robert Hanley when he brought in a tape of a musical he directed to get copies made. "I was taken by the video business and what a valuable service it provided. I just wanted to be around it," says Day. As his manner is Darrell began to pitch in and help out where and when he could.

Soon his energy and heart to serve landed him a full-time position as Director of Studio Services. There he was involved in franchise sales and the servicing of existing franchises. "I am a people person and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new prospects and attending to their needs and concerns, " says Day, "but I really liked servicing our existing studios as well. Our support staff is top notch and it was a joy to be able to be a part of helping the studio owners realize their goals."

In fact Darrell was so impressed with the operation he was a part of that he started thinking about being a studio owner himself. "I saw the wide variety of wonderful products and services we offer and I thought, 'I'm creative. I'm detail oriented, I like making people happy. I should be a studio owner.’ More than that I felt an urge to put all my skills together and really take control of my life," says Darrell.

Is it working out? Not only is Darrell well on his way to his financial goals but he was recently honored at the 11th Annual Hanley Awards where he received the Rising Star Award. And remember his technical concerns? Well, Darrell also won a creative award for Best Use of Home Movie Transfer. Seems like Darrell's energy and passion are indeed keeping things in motion.

"Well, I certainly haven't arrived," says Day, "I have so much to learn and do. But right now I'm swamped. I'm looking around at close to twenty-five projects in one stage of progress or another – and I love it. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be an integral part of people's lives and also to have a say-so in my own."

Darrell Day
Home Video Studio - Greenwood
Greenwood, IN

Mike Bartlett
Wanamaker IN

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