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John Fehling
Home Video Studio - Arvada

Date: 09/03/2008

This last year was a year of major changes for Steve and Kim Dalbec. Among them were Steve retiring from UPS after a lengthy career, moving from Georgia back to their home state of Colorado, and opening their new Home Video Studio. But change is often times a good thing and the Dalbecs would have to agree.

They've already won several Hanley awards! The couple collected one last year and picked up another one at this year's ceremonies at Walt Disney World.

"In my spare time, I have always loved to shoot videos for my family," says Steve. "Owning a Home Video Studio has allowed me to have a continuation of my passion, only now I get paid for it."

The Dalbecs have developed some steady customers, including a few local charitable organizations, and a client who is producing his third instructional woodcarving DVD with them. They also have been successful in receiving multiple photo keepsake and film transfer orders. A recent job was an 8-thousand foot film transfer order documenting a family's yearly fishing trips to Canada in the mid-1950s through the early 1960s. This customer originally ordered 80 copies of the 5-DVD set but ordered five more sets of DVDs after being so pleased with the film transfer.

Steve focuses more on the technical side of producing videos, while Kim is handling marketing. The Dalbecs have been steadily advertising by doing direct mail campaigns to help improve their studio's name recognition. Their efforts are starting to pay off, as they are now getting referrals for their Home Video Studio work.

The Dalbecs feel very proud of what they've accomplished in one year and admit they have more things to do to continue to build on their initial success. Best wishes Steve and Kim for an even better 2009!

John Fehling
Arvada Co

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