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Featured Studio Owner

Anthony and Lora
Home Video Studio - Amherst

Date: 12/06/2013

It's interesting to discover, when talking to Home Video Studio owners, the stories of how they came across the world's largest video services franchise. Some saw an advertisement. Some found us as the number one franchise in our category in Entrepreneur magazine. Tony Melendez, who along with his wife Lori are our Studio Owners of the Month, found us by way of a happy "accident". Tony was a freelance videographer who was in a bind and just wanted some advice:

"I had taken on a wedding job and it was turning into a nightmare. It started out with my needing technical support and I couldn't find any help. I happened to pick up a Videomaker magazine and saw an ad for Home Video Studio. I had nothing to lose so I called, hoping I'd find a video expert to help me. Soon I was talking to a stranger named Robert Hanley who not only pointed me in the right direction for my technical problem but advised me on some pricing as well."

Of course Mr. Hanley advised him of the benefits of affiliating with Home Video Studio and after that call one thing led to another. Tony and Lori were attracted by the notion of being in business "for yourself but not by yourself." They attended a "Show N Tell" in Indianapolis and on a fateful day in May they became studio owners and have enjoyed the income, support, expertise and camaraderie that Home Video Studio brings.

For nearly twelve years Tony and Lori have built a business and made money doing what they love. They have recently moved out of their studio store and into a storefront in their town of Amherst, Ohio as well. They have also won many international awards, including Studio Owners of the Year, Rookies of the Year, Best Video Production, Best Wedding, Best High Concept Video and Best Sports Scholarship Video. Perhaps most rewarding is the fact that, with nearly twelve years of experience, the Melendez's are regarded in many of their colleague's eyes as the "deans" of Home Video Studio.

What makes them successful? If you're looking for secrets or shortcuts there are none. Tony and Lori exhibit the age-old traits of teamwork, a tireless work ethic, daily attention to goals and doing what needs to be done.

We caught up with Tony and Lori and, since it's the season of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" as well as coming around the bend toward the twelve year anniversary of their business, they wanted to share the gift of "twelve nuggets of free advice" to any old, new or prospective studio owner. If you can sing this to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" more power to you:

  1. "Answer all phone calls" - You just never know who may be calling.
  2. "Always have your business cards with you" - You just never know who you might run into.
  3. "Know your elevator speech" - Be able to effectively promote yourself and your business in a short amount of time. People are busy these days.
  4. "Do the 2 business card system" - You must hit the pavement and market your business.
  5. "Work on Marketing plan & goals weekly" - Without vision and goals you wander.
  6. "Join BNI" - This is a way to get referrals you may not have gotten otherwise. A simple referral turns a cold call into a warm call.
  7. "Use & Maintain OTIS daily" - Home Video Studio's exclusive tracking and contact management system is vital to your workflow.
  8. "Maintain Website & Social Media pages weekly" - Don't neglect what will probably be a prospect's first impression of you.
  9. "Maintain Studio Organization" - Just plain old "pick things up" "put things away" stuff.
  10. "Corporate Recon weekly" - consistently solicit corporate work besides your personal projects.
  11. "Talk to Robert weekly' -Stay in touch. Bounce thoughts and ideas. Iron sharpens iron.
  12. "Wrap your vehicle" - A vehicle wrap is constant advertising - whether you're moving or parked.

Tony and Lori learned many, if not all of these tips from being part of the Home Video Studio family. As they look ahead to nearly twelve years in business they seem to be working. Here's to many more!

Anthony and Lora
Amherst OH

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