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Featured Studio Owner

Alan and Kim Fon
Home Video Studio - Corpus Christi

Date: 10/06/2014

Alan and Kim Fon, our October 2014 Studio Owners of the Month, learned about business and what makes it tick early in life. While still in high school Alan started working at a Radio Shack near his Long Island home and very quickly became a store manager and then a regional manager. Kim learned about business and customer service as a young girl in Canton, Ohio as she rode her bicycle all over town picking up parts for her dad's auto dealerships service department.

As they looked back through notable corporate careers as senior managers in the computer industry and, most importantly, their recent successful entrepreneurial ventures, Alan and Kim Fon had always abided by a simple formula for business success: "Find a need and meet it by providing the best products and customer service you possibly can."

It's no surprise, then, that one day they found themselves ready to apply this maxim once again as they sat looking at their own disintegrating video tapes, found Home Video Studio, and realized that preserving people's precious memories was a great need – and a great business. That's when they decided they wanted to be more than customers. They wanted to be owners.

The Fons opened the doors to their own studio on March 24, 2011 in the Corpus Christi/Port Aransas area and hit the ground like a Texas tornado providing tape transfers, 8mm and 16mm film to DVD transfers, PhotoVideo Keepsake montages, web commercials and even a music video. In addition to winning happy customers they have won awards at Home Video Studio's Annual Hanley Awards for video excellence, including Best Studio Promo. Then they, true to their success formula, they saw a need for their services in the Austin, Texas area and opened a second location in the Cedar Park, where the Fons now live. Most recently Alan and Kim have been honored by being designated a Home Video Studio "Seven Stars Studio" – a recognition reserved for those studios exemplifying the highest ideals of Home Video Studio.

We caught up with Alan and Kim to ask them about their business, their success, and their attitude in general. Quick to share anything that may help someone else they mentioned these keys:

Be entrepreneurial. "By that," says Alan, "I mean ‘take ownership.' If you see a better way to do something work to make the change. Even in my years in corporate settings I was always entrepreneurial. I always ask myself ‘What can I do to make this venture successful? How can I develop the people and relationships that will produce the best outcome?' "

Be customer centered. "We exist to provide our customers a superior product and to back it up with great service," says Kim. "To this day 95% of our business comes from the base of people we have worked with over the years. We make it easy for customers to do business with us, both in the Port Aransas/Corpus Christi area and in the Austin/Cedar Park area."

Be visible. "We are very active and visible in our community. We do at least six expo/trade show types of events a year. Always be thinking of things to do that increase awareness and visibility"

Be patient. "We do things for the long haul. You must plant the right seeds daily for a harvest that will come later."

Be-"lieve". "We never forget that we provide a very valuable service to our communities. People go out of their way to let us know they're appreciative that we took the time to let them know we exist. That's true marketing! You should never feel bad for letting people know you're there. They will thank you for it."

Be a team. "We are unique. We met at Radio Shack and worked for four other companies in different departments. Our approach is, and always has been, that if we are going to invest ourselves in anything we will work as hard as we need to make it work."

Be thankful. "We enjoy the challenges of technology and we love being in a creative business," says Alan, "but by far the greatest joy we receive being studio owners is seeing the satisfaction and sometimes the tears of gratitude from our customers. We provide a service to our community that can't be beat and we are thankful to be able to provide it!"

Congratulations to Alan and Kim Fon, with studios in Port Aransas and Cedar Park, Texas and Home Video Studio's October 2014 Studio of the Month

Alan and Kim Fon
Corpus Christi TX

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