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Home Video Studio - Katy
Home Video Studio - Katy

Date: 06/08/2017

Let's give a warm welcome to Jim Fitzhugh, owner of Home Video Studio – Katy, Texas! They say everything is bigger in Texas and Jim, who was installed in May 2017, is the first owner using Home Video Studio's new signature edit desk – it's cool and it's big!

Jim was "born on the bayou" growing up in Houma, Louisiana about 60 miles south of New Orleans. He became interested in the visual arts early in life watching his dad shoot 8mm home movies. Then he really got serious:

"Early in high school I got the photography bug," says Jim. "I even turned a closet into a darkroom and bought a photo enlarger."

Upon high school graduation Jim attended LSU and majored in Mechanical Engineering. He then set out on a long and successful career in the energy industry working for Amoco (since merged with BP).

Jim's interest in video and photography remained strong as an adult and he decided to keep it up as a serious hobby and an escape from the daily pressure of work. He bought the equipment he needed to shoot and edit video – then placed a Yellow Page ad for video production services.

"My plan was to make enough money to pay for the equipment, then shut off the advertising and business aspect...I just wanted to pay for my hobby," laughs Jim, "but one of the first calls I got was for VHS copies, so I went to a store and bought 10 VCRs. Now I was in the video services business."

Fitzhugh soon reinvested in a Mac G5 and began honing his production and editing chops. Then in the early 2000s he saw an ad for Home Video Studio in a video magazine. "I was interested because I figured there were a lot of secrets I just didn't know about. But the timing wasn't right because I was still very busy with work." Video, however, remained an important part of Jim's life as a fulfilling hobby.

In 2005, just before Jim retired from BP, the biggest challenge of his career came. As Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc in the gulf Jim was faced with coordinating the shutting down and dismantling of many damaged oil platforms containing numerous producing oil and gas wells – a touchy situation with millions upon millions of dollars and, more important, many human lives at stake. Besides a pressure relief Jim used his video skill to produce a video recap of these operations.

Finally, upon retiring and 15 years after running across Home Video Studio , Fitzhugh decided to revisit them. "I was retired, needing some guidance, and bored," says Jim, "so I gave Robert a call." Everything fell into place quickly and Jim Fitzhugh became a studio owner in Katy, Texas, just outside of Houston.

Just installed, Jim has some definite plans for his new lifestyle. "I've broken my goals down into what I call my VIP goals," says Jim. "That's V for video goals, I for income goals, and P for personal satisfaction goals."

We welcome Jim Fitzhugh to the Home Video Studio Network family!

Home Video Studio - Katy
Katy TX

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