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Mike Bartlett
Home Video Studio - Wanamaker

Date: 04/13/2018

Meet Mike Bartlett, one of our newest studio owners from Indianapolis, Indiana. With a lifelong love of art and photography, as well as a longtime social relationship with Robert Hanley, Home Video Studio ownership was just a matter of time.

Mike attended college at Vincennes University and graduated with an architectural engineering degree. His video interests surfaced during this time as well, and he begin shooting and editing documentary videos with a friend.

Like many college students Bartlett spent his summers toiling at a summer job – his choice being installing swimming pools. Unlike many college students he had an entrepreneurial bent, bought the pool company, and built it into a profitable business that supported him and his family through his young adult years.

Sometimes you realize what's been sustaining you may not carry you to the finish line. Mike looked around and saw the sheer physical toll his business takes on a body. Backbreaking work in the scorching sun does not a happy retirement make.

Bartlett went back to school to study project management. There he learned a lot of technical, computer stuff and programs like CAD and Photoshop. Then, having only a vague idea of what Home Video Studio was about, he started to ask Robert some questions and liked what he heard about Home Video Studio ownership.

Armed with a work ethic, a creative spirit, a customer service attitude, and an entrepreneurial drive Mike opened his studio on October 1st 2017, and is now providing video services on the south side of Indianapolis. His goals are simple: "I just want to make a good living doing what I love."

Congratulations Mike!

Mike Bartlett
Wanamaker IN

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