"Life's A Journey Not a Destination"
- Aerosmith

A New Career For You!

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I'm Robert Hanley. I'm a Producer/Director/ Editor/Entrepreneur. I have been turning my thoughts, passions and desires into my profession since I started my first business when I was eleven years old.

I know how to get a business started and I know how to succeed. I can teach you to start and succeed as well. I have a strong passion for all things video and for helping people start their own video production companies. I specialize in putting people into their video production services business.

You may be in IT, management, a teacher, or some other profession. You may even be semi-retired. You may have dabbled in the video arena. We'll help you make the transition from what you do now into this exciting business. We will put you into your own successful Home Video Studio business. You can start part time or full time.

What's your product, who is going to buy it and for how much? We know the answers!

We focus on three questions. What types of video will you be producing? Where are your customers going to come from? And how much are they going to pay you? In other words: What's your product, who is going to buy it and for how much? We know the answers!

What are your strengths - your weaknesses? Where are you now and where do you want to be in the future? Take some time and think about where you've been and where you're going. When you're ready, we are here for you.

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