"The best things in life are free But you can keep them for the birds and bees Now give me money That's what I want"
- Money (That's What I Want) - The Beatles

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Once you start you'll go through our twelve-month set-up and training program. Home Video Studio is a turnkey studio system and is all-inclusive. We will take care of everything from your website and brochure design to your studio installation and, of course, to your twenty-one days of in-person training in your first twelve months alone.

You'll start out with five days of basic training in Indianapolis, Indiana and then five days of installation training at your location. You'll attend our mini-college of Home Video Studio - Advanced Training - held in February/March once again in Indianapolis, Indiana. We run two to four tracks of classes for six days both on production and post-production as well as on marketing, sales, and operations.

In July you'll once again train with our other Studio Owners - this time at our annual convention for five days. At the convention we'll concentrate on video production with in-studio as well as on-location videography. We'll once again provide post-production, sales, and marketing classes. You'll also attend and compete in our annual Hanley Awards Gala Celebration & Black-Tie Dinner.

With Home Video Studio Owners from all over the United States and Canada attending these two events and training with you you'll learn a lot from your colleagues as well, and experience what it's like to be part of the Home Video Studio Family. Our goal is to make you into a top-notch video Producer/Director/Editor in twelve months. We have training events every week for you to learn and hone your craft. Ongoing support is suggested and available after your first twelve months. We have studio owners entering their sixteenth and seventeenth year! We are very good at what we do and you will become very good at what you do, too. You're going to love your new lifestyle!

Let's be clear: Our collective mission is to make money with video. Lifestyle and making money is the heart and soul of our program! The adage applies here: It takes money to make money. If funding is a concern we do provide assistance assist with finding funding for you.

Every day people with the best of intentions start video businesses. Many of them start on a shoestring because either they don't have the money to begin in the proper manner or they can't see the wisdom of outfitting their new studio and themselves with the right equipment, training, techniques and tools that are needed to succeed.

Oftentimes people focus on gear - cameras, steady devices, rigs, sound gear, lighting, drones, quad copters, etc. Who doesn't love gear? We love it too, and we're going to teach you how to get business and how to run your studio and how to make money with the right equipment at the right stage of your studio's growth! Every Studio Package includes our Home Video Studio System: our methods of marketing, advertising, sales, production, operations, and, of course, training on that system.

Literally hundreds of hours have gone into the design and engineering of our studios. Call us at 1-866-714-1956 to find out which package is right for you.

We have spent years developing our "gear." Literally hundreds of hours have gone into the design and engineering of our studios. You will find that each system is very user-friendly. We offer four (4) turnkey studio packages. In other words, there are four ways to start out:

THE EDITOR - This is our "bootstrap" package. It will get you started and in business. Then you'll add more equipment to your studio as you grow your business. The Editor includes one DVA Deluxe - our DVA and DVD Automated Authoring System plus the HVS essentials to get you going.

THE DIRECTOR - The Home Video Studio Signature Edit Desk (it's like the Star Ship Enterprise!) a DVA Deluxe - our DVA and DVD Automated Authoring System - plus everything else you need to get going in style. Our Director package puts you in business with an awesome and complete post-production studio. A lot of people start out at this level.

THE PRODUCER - We add the HVS Total Routing Solution and one more DVA Deluxe This increases your efficiency and your power to produce and transfer video. The HVS Total Routing Solution will make your workflow much easier. Plus we guarantee it will be just like opening presents on Christmas morning!

THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - This is the HVS Workhorse package! We add specifically designed equipment to help automate your studio so you can get more done in less time. You'll do more work and get it done faster so you'll make more money. If you are a techie and/or an equipment junkie pick this package!
THE HVS PRODUCTION PACKAGE - If you want to shoot your own video you're going to need some really cool gear. The HVS Production Package includes camera, sound, lighting and grip equipment. Lights, Camera - Action! Note: Most owners wait until they have a training or two under their belts to start acquiring video production equipment.

Note: you can add our HVS Production and Grip Equipment Module to any of our systems. All systems include our exclusive twenty-one day, twelve-month training program including onsite installation!

Note: shipping and handling fees not included.

Work from home or from a studio store with any of these packages! We can help you mix and match equipment. Plus if you already have equipment you may not need to invest as much money as someone who is starting out brand new. Once again we will help you find financing if you need it. We are experts in finance. Our first advice... don't talk to a bank until you have talked to us.

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