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Frequently Asked Questions

Robert Hanley Answers Your Questions.

What kind of money does it take to get into my own Home Video Studio?

Our Editor Package starts at $59,995.00. You can spend more depending on how your studio is equipped.

Do I have to come to Indianapolis to purchase a studio?

That's a good question. You may not have to. Many purchase essentially over the telephone, once we have established a good relationship and both parties have done their due diligence. We still may ask you to visit us personally or you may want to come see us. We also have our "Show 'N Tell on the Road" seminars so we may be near you.

I'm concerned about running a business out of my home, are there any other options?

Yes. You can open your business in a storefront location. We have several owners doing this successfully from Jacksonville, Florida to St. Louis, Missouri. Some of our owners like the idea of being a local merchant as well!

Do I need to be a techy or computer savvy person?

No you don't. We will teach you. We have extensive trainings and we will teach you what you need to know in this business as far as technically speaking. We have major trainings twice a year. We have Basic Training eight times a year. Plus we have Monday and Friday conference calls and monthly webinars. There's always a training going on somewhere at HVS.

Do I need to be a natural salesperson?

No, you don't have to be a natural salesperson but if you are great. Most people come to us with some level of experience, either in life, with people, with computers or with sales. And we take your experience and add to it our knowledge and teach you what you don't know. We do all our trainings in baby steps. So, it's easy to become a salesperson. It's easy to handle the sales end of the business.

Will this business work in my area?

It depends on what your area is like. This business works wonderfully in the suburbs and great in the city. Our minimum population requirement is 30,000 people for your county and that's the minimum but we have people who live almost in the middle of no-where and do this business, and we have people that live in urban areas that do this business. The business does work really well in the suburbs.

We live in another country. Can we do this in our country?

Yes, you may be able to. Please give us a call to let us know what country you're from and we'll let you know when we'll be arriving in that country. We currently have studios in Canada and Sweden and we're looking to expand in Europe and Australia when the opportunity presents itself.

We live in another country and want to immigrate to the United States. Will this business work with the E-2 Visa program? Can you advise us about an E-2 Visa?

Yes, our business works well if you are wanting to start a business in America and want that business to qualify for the E-2 visa program. We have had experience with this and have a great immigration attorney that we can refer you to. He is an expert in the E-2 visa program and is very easy to work with. Email Robert@homevideostudio.com for more information.

Can we do this business as a couple?

Yes, you can. It really works well that way. Many couples love to work together in this business. It's a great business for couples. You may start as just one of you in the business, and the other may join you later and become more involved in the business.

How much space will my studio require?

About 100 square feet. Your new equipment package requires even less space than ours; therefore, you could operate easily in this size room (10' x 10'). However, if you have the extra space in your home, by all means use it. You might consider one end of the family room for the equipment and another room (an extra bedroom or the basement) for your office.

Can I purchase my studio and relocate it?

Yes, you can relocate it. We've had many people who were in transition and bought a studio and later moved it to another city or state. That's very do-able and we can help you with that if that is your situation.

Can I work this business part time?


I'm concerned about making the transition from what I do now to doing this business fulltime. Can you help me with that?

Yes. We have helped so many people making the transition from where they are now to where they want to be. We are experts in that. Making a transition starts when you first start talking to us. We'll start thinking about what will be your game plan and how you will make that transition. Will it be six weeks? Will it be right off the bat or will it be six months to a year or more? We'll help you with that. You don't have to make that decision today.

We are not familiar with Apple's MAC and we are PC users. What kind of training will be supplied to help us learn?

The analogy I make in using a PC is like trying to type with boxing gloves on. Using an Apple computer is like take a hot knife and slicing through butter. If you've never used a MAC, one of our first classes in training is an orientation on them. If you did this on a PC, how can you do it on a MAC? We will teach you. MAC's are easy. You're going to love your MAC and by the way, I used to be a PC person.

What about health insurance? If I quit my job, I will need to find health insurance. Can you help with that?

Yes, we have someone to assist you with health insurance. It's not that hard to self-insure and we have experience helping people with this.

How soon realistically can you start making a living with HVS?

The answer to this one is immediately. We have people who start to make money right from the beginning. We prepare you to do that. We empower you to get started immediately. This business has a very quick ramp up time.

What is the ramp up time?

The ramp up time is usually anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks from the date when you pay your final payment to us. We encourage owners to get going as soon as possible. If you need financing, that may affect your ramp up time as well.

There are other people in our area that offer the same services. What about the competition?

We like to have competition. Competition is good. I would rather you have other companies in your area doing this business instead of having no competition. When HVS comes into the marketplace, we quickly become the dominant player in that marketplace.

I've already got a video business. Why would I want to invest more money with HVS? What can you do for me that I can't do on my own?

If you're happy with your business, fine. But if you're not making the kind of money you want and your not reaching the kind of goals you want, or you want to kick up your business to the next level, we can help you do that.

I already own a lot of video equipment. Can I use it in my new Home Video Studio?

You may already have video and computer equipment that you can use in your new Home Video Studio. This really lowers the entry level into our business. Plus we will integrate your current equipment into your new studio so it runs smoothly.

Does HVS provide territory protection?

Yes, we do. That's one reason why you should call us immediately to see if your territory is available. When you call we will go over our territories with you and explain what our guidelines are.

Is this a franchise?

No. We are consultants. You will fully own your own independent studio.

Can I license the Home Video Studio name and brand?

Yes you can license and operate under the Home Video Studio brand or you can name your studio whatever you like or you may do both. Call us for details.

What if I need financing?

We are very experienced in helping owners find financing. In most cases, getting money is not that hard. But we encourage you to see us before you go to the bank. We are experts in financing and we will hold your hand as you look for financing.

Can I convert my 401K and use that to fund my new business?

Yes you can. Many people use this option. We are very experienced in helping people convert their retirement funds. This is one of the best ways to fund your new studio. Call us and we will refer you to the 401k conversion company that we suggest. If you are over 59.5 there is no penalty to convert your 401k or IRA.

How soon can I start?

As quickly as you can call Robert Hanley and get the ball rolling. Robert's cell phone is 317-358-5932. Call today.

How do I qualify to buy a Home Video Studio?

That's a good question. We look for people who are motivated for the right reasons. We do screen people heavily for HVS. We take a good look at you. Having the money and the desire is not enough. We want to make sure you fit the plan. We look for people who are teachable. Teachable doesn't mean you are able to run the editing software and computers, it means you are smart enough to follow our plan. We look for open-minded people. If this is you, give us a call.

How do I get more information?

The first thing to do if you have not already is to listen to Robert's Audio Book: "How to Start & Run Your Own Home Video Studio." That is going to provide you with a lot of information. Next watch our "Home Video Studio Owner Speak Video." Watch and listen to our owners from all over the country tell their stories about how they got started with Home Video Studio. When you're ready to move forward call Robert at 317-358-5932 or email him at Robert@homevideostudio.com. You can also fill out the contact form by going to Take Action - Click Here at the bottom of this and and all of our web pages and then submitting the information form. Just press Click Here and fill out the form. We will send you an information packet in the mail and also via DVA - Digital Video Archive.

Watch: To learn how to get started

It's a Wonderful Lifestyle!

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Control your life and your lifestyle. You and only you should determine your daily schedule- your hours of work and play. Start your own Home Video Studio

Here's what we'll cover at Show 'N Tell Saturday.

The number one thing we'll cover is making money in the video business. I'll cover pricing video as well as collecting the money. What's the difference between a $500.00 video and a $5000.00 video? Are you leaving money on the table? I'll teach you how we do it! Oh... what about a $30,000.00 video?
This is the great unknown for most people who attempt to enter our industry. How do you get business and find clients? I'll share with you.
I'll cover our 12 month and 21 day in person training program in depth. How do we take you from where you are now to where you want to be? We are very good at this as long as you can take that first step and get to Show 'N Tell!
You'll be in my studio all day so we'll definitely get into the nitty gritty on equipment and gear. How will you outfit your studio? Do you have current equipment that can be used? Maybe and if so that will save you some money.
Home Video Studio is a short cut to success. You may be looking for both financial success and creative achievements - money in the bank and an Oscar! We make no promises except to put you in an environment with others who have the same vision. Our mission is to help you achieve success as you define it.
Not everyone is out to make a fortune. Home Video Studio is a very fun and exciting business and lifestyle. Want to turn your hobby into a real live functioning studio? We can do that for you. Want to get your family involved in the business? We'll help train them. This is a very family friendly business.
We'll discuss transitions and getting started. Going to quit your job? Come out of retirement? Convert a 401k? Will you work the studio part time until you can go full time? We will start designing a plan for you at Show 'N Tell Saturday.
We are experts in funding and financing. If you need us to help you find the money we would be happy to. It is easy to convert a 401k or IRA with zero penalty. Many people do a refi or a home equity loan. There are other avenues as well. One of the things we do on Saturday afternoon is cover financing. It's not that difficult. If you need consultation on funding call us.

We suggest you bring your spouse/partner to our Show 'N Tell Saturday. That's our treat. You'll know a whole lot more about running a Home Video Studio by end of day on Saturday!

Schedule your own One-On-One Show 'N Tell to find out if this business is right for you!

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  2. The basic principles that drive our business.
  3. The training and support you will receive.
  4. Home-based and Studio Store options.
  5. Ramp up times - how quickly can you be profitable?
  6. How you can start part-time or full-time.
  7. Your questions and our answers.
Show 'N Tell: A first glimpse
john and tammy
"Tammy and I came to a Show 'N Tell Saturday. The initial conversation was Robert talking about what it is to be a Home Video studio Owner. Of course we'd listened to the CD's over and over in our car for a couple of months. I think Then we had the presentation and we signed right there at the end of the presentation."
- John Montgomery - Newark, OH.
tony and lori
"Our Show 'N Tell Saturday was on May 11, 2002 - Mother's Day weekend! We were already operating our own video business, but we wanted to run it at a higher level with better equipment. We needed a plan and a system like the one offered by Home Video Studio. If you're thinking about HVS, you should go to Show 'N Tell Saturday."
- Tony & Lori Melendez - Amherst, OH.
Call 317-358-5932 or 1-866-714-1956 to reserve your spot! Or Email Robert@homevideostudio.com. Space is limited. Travel paid for qualified attendees!
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