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Home Video Studio is a Home Video Business

What is Home Video Studio?
Home Video Studio is the perfect business for someone who wants a creative business that they can work from the comfort of their own home and make money. Here’s why.

We are in a Video Evolution & Revolution
We are at the beginning of one of the greatest and most unique entrepreneurial opportunities of this new century: content creation and modification - in plain English: helping people, businesses, industry, government and organizations transfer, copy, modify, change and create CONTENT.

Home Video Studio defines CONTENT as any image (still or moving) or any audio or sound file.
  • From the past - untold millions of video tapes, 8mm, Super-8mm, 16mm motion pictures film reels, 35mm slides, photographs, audio recordings, cassettes, CDs and DVDs and more
  • From the present - Video cameras, still cameras, smartphones, iPhones, Computers, iPads, handheld devices, media files, CDs and DVDs and much more
  • From the future - As Bob Dylan said: "The Times They Are A Changin'" - Every time formats, hardware or software changes, HVS Studio owners make more money. Change is good... for us.

Home Video Studio Owners Are Modifiers, Changers and Creators of Content - "Video Services for Everyone" ™
There is no one like us in the video services business. Home Video Studio's time-tested profit centers allow you to step into a market that other companies cannot or do not serve. You can work for one individual family, for their school and church. You can work for their friends and everyone that they know and they know. You can work for every school and church in the area. You can work for the biggest company in town or just one individual consumer because everyone uses our product. Everybody has content! Who is your customer? Anyone and Everyone!

A Robust Heritage...
We just didn't arrive to the party, our roots are deep and date back to the 1970s. Home Video Studio has over thirty years of experience in the video and film production services market place. We understand the industry and know our customers and the products they need and want.

An Eclectic Menu
Every Studio does our core profit centers and then specializes in the type of work they love or grow to love. Some of our specialities include but are not limited to: Sports, Corporate, Post Production, Weddings, Events, History, Documentaries, Production, Arts, Savers of the Family Archives and Family Content Creation.

27 Profit Centers You Can Run From Your Home!
  • Videotapes to DVD Transfer
  • Home Movie Transfer - 8mm & 16mm Film
  • Video Editing
  • Videotapes to the Cloud - DVA ™
  • Photo Video Keepsakes ™
  • Video Production
  • Video & Audio Tape Repair
  • Obscure Formats Transfer
  • Video to MP4
  • DVD to Cloud Transfer
  • Legal Video Services
  • DVD & CD Duplication
  • 35mm Slide Transfers
  • Audio Tape Transfer
  • Memorial Videos
  • Sports Scholarship Videos
  • Sports Highlights Videos
  • Arts, Music & Entertainment Demo Videos
  • Pop Up People ™ Green Screen Videography
  • Webisodes - Video for the Web!
  • Video Lifestories ™ - Everyone has a Story to Tell
  • This is your LifeTIME Video!
  • Company Promos
  • Documentary Style Corporate Image Videos
  • High Concept Videos ™
  • Wedding & Event Videography
  • Savers of the Family Archives ™

  • See more about all of our Profit centers here

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    Home Video Studio - Creative Business, Fun Lifestyle! Toll Free: 800-464-8220

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