Meet our Staff

Robert Hanley, Founder and CEO

Robert Hanley, Founder and CEO of Home Video Studio, is an American Entrepreneur and Filmmaker. Borrowing from a spectrum of life's experiences - from selling snow cones at the city park as a teen to owning a 50's style drive-in restaurant to making a feature film - Hanley has learned how to take a passion and turn it into a business. Home Video Studio began in a spare bedroom of Robert's Indianapolis home more than twenty years ago.

Hanley's vision for Home Video Studio was born out of his love of film and video production. In the 1980's Hanley honed his core production skills. He has worked in every aspect of the industry; as a technician, writer, gaffer, sound recorder, producer, director, cinematographer, DP and editor. During the 1990's he defined and redefined what Home Video Studio was and would become. Robert's knack for continually reinventing himself and his companies blossomed again in the 2000's. His entrepreneurial vision for creating something wonderful is evident in today's Home Video Studio landscape. With 60+ studios across America, Canada and Sweden, Home Video Studio is the largest video production services network in the world. Hanley also owns and manages the original Home Video Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Robert lives with wife, Denise, in Indianapolis Indiana. They have two grown children. He also enjoys cooking, reading and, of course film. He is a wine enthusiast, an avid collector of antique sheet music, a Bass player and has variety of other interests. Currently, in addition to his CEO duties, Robert is producing and directing his second feature film: The Great American Home Movie.

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Craig Peterson, Director of Studio Development

Craig Peterson joined Home Video Studio in 2005 and has served in nearly every capacity at Home Video Studio including his latest position of "Studio Owner"! Craig began his career at HVS as the retail manager of Home Video Studio's flagship studio located at the home of HVS' founder and CEO Robert Hanley. He then headed up Studio Services, coordinating HVS' support staff and acting as liaison between support and the HVS studio owners. Craig then became manager of the Film Transfer Department, overseeing the processing of over 2.5 million feet of film per year. He now runs his own studio in Mansfield, Texas and continues to help out HVS by doing new studio installs as well being our head writer for the newsletter.

Craig is also an accomplished musician, playing saxophone, flute and clarinet. He is married to his wife of nearly thirty years and is the father of three children.

Cheryl Roy, Administrative Assistant to the President

Cheryl started out as a customer of our flagship Home Video Studio and liked us so much she asked to come aboard! We're sure glad we let her. Cheryl has a degree in accounting and most recently was a technology instructor at Indian Creek Elementary School in Indianapolis. Cheryl handles all of the business admin for HVS.

Jeremy Little, Webmaster

Jeremy joined us in 2004 as webmaster and is responsible for Home Video Studio Network's website and oversees all the studio websites. He majored in computer visualization technology at ITT Technical College in Indianapolis IN and graduated with highest honors. Besides tending to the daily oversight of the website Jeremy is constantly developing applications to streamline your web experience.

Jeremy's creative talents don't stop at his computer keyboard. He also plays guitar, writes and performs music, creates cartoons and performs as a standup comedian.

Gary Degler, Art Director

Gary began applying his unique graphic design talent at Home Video Studio in 2004. As Art Director Gary handles HVS' corporate graphics design needs as well as the studio owners' requests for advertising and marketing items like posters, flyers, brochures, direct mail pieces, car wraps and banners. Gary graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Art and a minor in Motion Pictures. He is also highly skilled in video production, a talent that makes him all the more valuable to the Home Video Studio family. In addition he has done 3-D modeling and animation, multi-media, editing, photography and website design.

Gary's latest pastime is being part of a model rocketry club. He enjoys the outdoors and likes to camp and go spelunking. Gary has been married nearly thirty years to his wife Mary. They have two children, Jeremy and Lisa.

Heath Schlatter, HVS Castleton Trainer, DVA Tech Support

Heath Schlatter is the Studio Manager of Home Video Studio’s flagship location in Indianapolis, Indiana. Like any studio owner Heath oversees meeting customers, evaluating their projects, handling the paperwork, getting the work done, and following up to make sure there is total satisfaction. Heath is also well-versed in all aspects of Digital Video Archive and heads up support for our ever-growing DVA community.

Schlatter is a graduate of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana where he majored in Telecommunications and Video Production. He started at Home Video Studio in the Film Transfer Department and advanced to his present position in August of 2015.

When not involved in the studio Heath spends time to perfecting his trumpet chops and performing publicly in the ska and soul band The Circle City Deacons.

"I went to school to learn the technical aspect of video and video production," says Heath, "but working at Home Video Studio I have found I really like the human element as well...using my skills to help customers and make them happy."

Chris Moen, Director of Technical Support

Chris Moen, as Home Video Studio's Director of Technical Support, helps our studios keep all their equipment and software running optimally. Gifted technically, Chris is also a service-minded person who will make sure your technical problems are solved. Chris has experience with video production in both live and in-studio applications. He was the Production Coordinator for Theatrical Presentations International where he helped produce NFL halftime shows, Major League All-Star Games and Olympic Games. He was also the Presentation Technology Director for a Twin Cities church with 10,000 members and five weekend services. Chris is a graduate of Fullsail University.Most important, Chris and his wife Michelle are Home Video Studio owners themselves and, as your technical go-to guy, knows your demands as a studio owner.

Bill Tobias, Technical Support, Obsolete Formats Specialist, Trainer

Bill has been a friend and supporter of Home Video Studio for many years. He spent much of his career in his own filmmaking and video production company and has seen the industry from the inside for fifty years.

Al Stone, The Voice of Home Video Studio

Al and Robert have worked together since 1984. You have probably already heard Al's distinctive voice on HVS's "Turning Video into Gold." Al provides assistance in all audio matters for HVS and consults with HVS owners on audio transfer.

Aunt Lucy

Lucy Wallace, whom everyone calls "Aunt Lucy", is Robert's actual aunt and is going strong every day as she begins the second half of her nineties! Lucy was in charge of HVS' packet mail outs for many years and still helps out where she can. Most notably she serves as the inspiration for Robert and many others in HVS as a demonstration of our core values of hard work, family and faith.

The Home Video Studio Mission Statement

The number one priority of Home Video Studio (HVS) is to support all studio owners consistently, so that they enjoy personal, professional, and financial wealth.

One Bond - One Family - One Focus

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- The number one thing we'll cover is making money in the video business. I'll cover pricing video as well as collecting the money. What's the difference between a $500.00 video and a $5000.00 video? Are you leaving money on the table? I'll teach you how we do it! Oh... what about a $30,000.00 video?

- This is the great unknown for most people who attempt to enter our industry. How do you get business and find clients? I'll share with you.

- I'll cover our 12 month and 21 day in person training program in depth. How do we take you from where you are now to where you want to be? We are very good at this as long as you can take that first step and get to Show ‘N Tell!

- You'll be in my studio all day so we'll definitely get into the nitty gritty on equipment and gear. How will you outfit your studio? Do you have current equipment that can be used? Maybe and if so that will save you some money.

- Our goal is for you to make $5000.00 per week in your new video business. I'll take you through our core principles and provide you with a clear understanding of how you can reach your goals. Making money is easy if you can follow our plan.

- Not everyone is out to make a fortune. Home Video Studio is a very fun and exciting business and lifestyle. Want to turn your hobby into a real live functioning studio? We can do that for you. Want to get your family involved in the business? We'll help train them. This is a very family friendly business.

- We'll discuss transitions and getting started. Going to quit your job? Come out of retirement? Convert a 401k? Will you work the studio part time until you can go full time? We will start designing a plan for you at Show ‘N Tell Saturday.

- It takes about $74,000.00 to start your Home Video Studio. Some people are shocked at this. Others find the money. I am an expert at funding if you need to find the money. One of the things we do on Saturday afternoon is cover financing. It's not that difficult. If you need consultation on funding call me.

I suggest you bring your spouse/partner to our Show 'N Tell Saturday. That's our treat. You'll know a whole lot more about running a Home Video Studio by end of day on Saturday!

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- John Lennon "Imagine"
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