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Featured Studio Owner

Ken Sander
Home Video Studio - Fairfax

Date: 03/24/2012

Ken Sander spent three decades with the Federal Aviation Administration focusing on the safety of our nation's airline industry. Today this retired FAA manager is more apt to be focusing his video camera. Ken is a Home Video Studio owner from Fairfax, VA and is our April 2012 Owner of the Month.

To some a nice government job with a nice pension and full retirement would seem be the ticket to a wonderful life on easy street. And, to some, that is a good plan. But Ken had other plans in mind: "I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a longtime passion for video. I worked with video, graphics and animation as a serious hobby for over twenty-five years for family, friends, church and the community." So, when the opportunity for optional retirement came, Ken knew it was high time to start his own business in the field he loves.

Sander took action to educate himself in the video field by attending a Videomaker Expo and it was there he came across Home Video Studio. "I was thinking I just wanted to get into commercial video production and weddings but with HVS I learned that, besides that, there was a whole world of video services. What excited me was the prospect of preserving people's precious memories and all the other services we offer. We are, as our slogan says, ‘Video Services for Everyone' " On April 30, 2006 Ken opened his doors and has never looked back.

Now Ken makes money doing what he loves. And, what's more, draws satisfaction from sources he never thought of: "I have really cultivated a love of helping people preserve their memories. It really hits me what a valuable service I provide to my community." Another source of satisfaction for Ken is that he can get involve his family in his business as well – as evidenced by the contributions of his son Michael and his daughter Kathryn. Both are creative and well versed in the visual arts.

Sander has also garnered some video awards including Best Use of Titles and Best Photo Keepsake. "I'm really fond of the Keepsakes. I think they really portray the heart of what I do. I'm proud of a recent mixed Keepsake I produced that involved video and photos of a youth basketball team that spent four years playing together. That was special to them and, of course, their parents."

Ken Sander likes to say that he "helps keep your memories from fading while creating new ones." That's a job description you can retire on.

Ken Sander
Home Video Studio - Fairfax
Fairfax, VA

Ken Sander
Fairfax VA

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- John Montgomery - Newark, OH.
tony and lori
"Our Show 'N Tell Saturday was on May 11, 2002 - Mother's Day weekend! We were already operating our own video business, but we wanted to run it at a higher level with better equipment. We needed a plan and a system like the one offered by Home Video Studio. If you're thinking about HVS, you should go to Show 'N Tell Saturday."
- Tony & Lori Melendez - Amherst, OH.
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