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Date: 10/19/2015

One of the reasons Don Robinson, owner of Robinson Video Services in Maineville, Ohio, came to HVS is that he was looking for balance in his life. After all, as an accountant is there anything more important than seeing balance at the bottom of the page? He also realized, after working in the no-nonsense world of numbers all day he needed the balance and creative side of life that photos and video bring, and wanted to turn his hobby into a business. But what Don has ultimately learned on his journey to HVS ownership that life sometimes doesn't add up like a balance sheet, but one can learn to manage life's ups and downs in a positive and creative way. Meet Don Robinson, our October Studio Owner of the Month.

Don grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and graduated from the University of Louisville. After twenty years and many positions in both private and public accounting he first came to Home Video Studio about five years ago. Like most of our studios owners he was looking to turn a hobby and pastime into a profession and a lifestyle. "Honestly, I was really tired of the corporate world," says Robinson. "It has been good to me and I have had many successes. But I really have always wanted to have control over my work hours and how much money I make."

What attracted Don to Home Video studio was, first of all, that it offered a way to make a living in something that he absolutely loved to do. Second, he saw it was composed of a large network of fellow owners who availed themselves and their knowledge so he could tap into the lessons of other's successes and failures. As Don attests, "It was comforting to know I wouldn't have to head down this road alone."

But at the beginning of the journey came an unexpected turn. As he and his wife were seriously on the path to becoming HVS owners his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. "Obviously her diagnosis became our priority and the opportunity became something of the past."

Don's wife passed away last fall and as he began to reconstruct his life with their son it was with the newfound realization that life is fragile and transitory. Opportunities may not always appear, let alone reappear. Wanting to revisit his desire for a video business opportunity he reached out to Robert Hanley again and gave him a call. "I was very blessed with a handsome inheritance from my wife's passing and was willing to invest a portion of that into a business," says Don. "I knew it had to be the right one because I knew I wouldn't have a second opportunity if it wasn't." Another reason to go forward again with the studio is his son. "Now, more than ever, I want to be able to be with him and attend his activities. That's a huge part of this lifestyle," says Robinson.

So last May Don opened his studio part-time, and is planning on going full-time soon. "While I am getting my feet wet and learning the business, I am looking to just supplement my spouse's income that I lost when she passed away. My long term goal is to take this business full-time and let it grow."

Don has already learned a few things in his short tenure as a studio owner: "Well, let's see," says Don, "I was really shocked at the power of social media and especially Facebook in my advertising. Also, I've already learned to be patient with the advertising and marketing. I am a results driven individual and want them immediately. I'm learning to be patient and persistent. The phone calls and emails will come."

And Don's biggest asset? "I've certainly learned that there are no guarantees in life, but I think as a business owner you have to have a good work ethic," says Robinson. "I have always been a hard worker during my career."

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