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How Can I Start My Own Video Production Business From Home?

Is The Home Video Studio Business Opportunity Right For You? Listen - Watch - Learn


Take a few minutes and listen to our audio book: How to Start and Run Your Own Home Video Studio Business. While you listen, let the world around you stop for a short time and consider what you really want to do with your life. What is important to you? Try to push out all of the noise - the chatter - the clutter away and find a good place to listen and learn about running a video production business. You can also download this program or request our information packet about how to start a home based video production company with a free audio book pre-loaded in an MP3 player. Both of those options are great especially if you want to listen in your car or truck. You'll hear how Robert Hanley started his first video production and transfer services business and how Home Video Studio became the hottest video editing and transfer business in the country. This book will help you get some clarity on what home based business you would like to own. Hopefully it will answer the question: What do you really want to do with your life and career. You can also read testimonials from other Home Video Studio owners had to say when they started their own Home Based Video Production Business.

We teach you how to find customers and get business.

How To Start And Run Your Own Home Based Video Production Business

Part: 1

How to Start And Run Your Own Work From Home Video Production Business

Part: 2

How to Start And Run Your Own Work From Home Video Production Business

We teach you how to price and take orders.


We think origins are interesting and inspiring. How did other people start their own video business? You don't need any experience in this business to get started. We have found that almost everyone is creative in some way. Are you doing video as a hobby right now? Perhaps you have done some video editing or video productions for family or friends. Robert Hanley owner of Home Video Studio is passionate about training you to run your own home based video production business.

You may be in IT, management, a teacher, or some other profession. You may even be semi-retired. You may have dabbled in the video arena. We'll help you make the transition from what you do now into this exciting video production and transfer business. We will put you into your own successful Home Video Studio business. You can start part time or full time. Watch our video: Home Video Studio Owners Speak. You may find that you have a lot in common with our other Home Video Studio Owners who started their own video production services businesses. If you have more extensive questions then call us at (317) 358-5932 or here are some frequently asked questions about starting and runing your own video production business from home or a retail location.

Home Video Studio Owners Speak - About Their Video Businesses

Part: 1

Home Video Studio: Owners Speak

Part: 2

Home Video Studio: Owners Speak

We teach you how to multi-task - editing and completing projects.


A Conversation with Mike Bartlett - HVS Studio Owner


A Recap of Getaway 19 with HVS Studio Owners


A Conversation with 2019 Studio Owner of the Year Jerry Alldredge


A Conversation with 2019 Rookie of the Year Cheryl Kennedy


A Conversation with Studio Owners Sharon and Peter Galluzzo


Frank Rohmer from Hollywood Talks Tech Training for Advanced Training 2020


From A to Z - everything you need to know about working with clients and keeping them coming back.


Imagine yourself owning and operating your own Video Production and Video Transfer services business. Take a look around your home. Where do you see your studio? Will you put it in a spare bedroom or the den maybe the basement or attic? Some have converted their garage or built a dedicated space in their back yard. We have options for retail locations and offices. Home Video Studio is a creative video business so our footprint fits many places. You can also run your new video business from a retail outlet or office.

When you start thinking of your own Home Video Studio you'll start drooling over the studio video production equipment and video editing software. This is a fun business and outfitting your new studio is like Christmas morning!

You'll be thinking about video editing software, computers for video editing, cameras, steady devices, rigs, sound gear, lighting, drones, quad copters, etc. We're going to help you select the right studio package with the correct video equipment and then teach you how to make money with video in your Home Video Studio.

Every Video Production Equipment Package includes our Home Video Studio business and studio system: our methods of marketing, advertising, sales, production, operations, and, of course, training for video production and editing on that system.

We have spent years developing our Home Video Studio packages. Literally hundreds of hours have gone into design and engineering. You will find that each system is very user-friendly. We offer three (3) turnkey studio packages: The Director, The Producer & The Executive Producer. Each studio package has our exclusive signature Home Video Studio Edit Desk. It's like the Star Ship Enterprise!

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Register now for our next webinar and find out how you can control your life and your lifestyle working when and where you want to while staying close to family and friends. Home Video Studio is a real business that anyone can succeed in if they are willing to work hard and follow a plan. Here's what we'll cover in the webinar.

How you make money with Home Video Studio. Studio equipment, training and support. Ramp up times - How to qualify - Next Steps.

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