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Testimonials for Starting a Home Based Video Production Company

Here what some studio owners had to say about starting their own Home Based Video Production Business

Show 'N Tell: A first glimpse
john and tammy
"Tammy and I came to a Show 'N Tell Saturday. The initial conversation was Robert talking about what it is to be a Home Video studio Owner. Of course we'd listened to the CD's over and over in our car for a couple of months. I think Then we had the presentation and we signed right there at the end of the presentation."
- John Montgomery - Newark, OH.
John and Tammy Montgomery are the proud owners of Home Video Studio in Newark, OH. John worked extensively in television production while working at KUSK-TV, as the production manager, in Prescott, AZ in the mid-80's before embarking on a 24 year career in the U. S. Navy. The Montgomerys retired to Newark (John's childhood home) in the Spring of 2012. John and Tammy came to a Show 'N Tell Saturday in 2012 and came on board with Home Video Studio. John and Tammy we Home Video Studio's "Rookies of the Year" in 2013 and in fact took home the President's Award for Best of Show at the Hanley Awards. In 2015, they were honored with Studio Owners of the Year. John has served as president of the HVS Advisory Council and they are a Seven Stars Status Studio.
tony and lori
"Our Show 'N Tell Saturday was on May 11, 2002 - Mother's Day weekend! We were already operating our own video business, but we wanted to run it at a higher level with better equipment. We needed a plan and a system like the one offered by Home Video Studio. If you're thinking about HVS, you should go to Show 'N Tell Saturday."
- Tony & Lori Melendez - Amherst, OH.

Home Video Studio owners come from all walks of life. They come from different backgrounds and cultures. Successful Studio owners have a drive to take on the day; a willingness to try things. A thirst to drink what life has to offer.

After working for 18-years as a Graphic Designer in local papers, including The Cincinnati Enquirer, and another 11-years as a Freelance Designer, Debbie decided to change career paths a bit to focus on her strengths in photography, videography and music. As a graduate of Northern Kentucky University, she holds a Degree in Fine Arts and Photography as well as Music Performance.

Drawing and Photography was something that attracted Debbie very early on in her life. She knew that she wanted to do something utilizing her artistic skills. In her early years at the newspapers, all creative was done by drawing board and t-square. Through the years, as technology progressed as it has, she gravitated towards computer design, creative photography and editing to assist her in her creations. Debbie loves working with creative software to bring her visions to life.

All of this led to Debbie's desire to own her own studio business. She had been looking for franchise type opportunities and liked what she saw in our home based video production business, including Entrepreneur magazine's recognition of Home Video Studio as #1 Franchise Opportunity for photo and video services. It was the perfect atmosphere for Debbie, so in 2011 the doors to her Home Video Studio opened!

debbie williams started a home based video production business

Debbie's Home Video Studio has been awarded Studio Owner of the Month in May, 2012, after only 6 months in business. Currently she also has total of 35 Hanley Award Nominations and 12 Hanley Awards for Video Excellence. In July 2013, she was awarded with The Rising Star Award. In July 2014 her studio was awarded with the highest award of a Seven Stars Studio for Excellence which is awarded to a select number of studios each year. She has maintained that yearly status ever since. Three years later in July 2016, Debbie was recognized as Home Video Studio "Studio Owner of the Year". This was certainly a milestone achievement and awarded to only 1 studio each year. Debbie has won the coveted President's Award (Best of the Best) as well.

She is an accomplished videographer and editor and finds that telling a story through her skills to be very rewarding as well as helpful to her clientele. Each year, Home Video Studio Corporate holds the Annual Hanley Awards, where studio owners enter video projects into several categories in the hopes of winning one of 18 Hanleys. To date, Debbie has been awarded 16 Hanley Awards for Video Excellence. Come by the studio to see these awards in person!

Debbie grew her business, working from her home for 4.5 years, before decided to make a big move into her current retail space in the retail district of Mall Rd. in Florence, KY. She relocated her business in May 2016 and could not be happier about her decision. This has allowed so many more people to be exposed to the personalized local services available to them. In 2018, Home Video Studio FLORENCE was honored with the title of STUDIO STORE OF THE YEAR.

She's a mother of 2 boys, a professional photographer, an accomplished flautist, an artist, and a certified personal/group trainer. She also is a Master in Taekwondo as a Sixth Degree Black Belt, also holding a First Dan Black Belt in Hapkido. For fun, she spent 8 years on the tournament circuit throughout the USA, finishing in the Top 4 and/or Top 10 each year. To further feed her creativity (and relax), she loves to knit, crochet, draw and paint.

If you would like to talk with Debbie, give her a call at (859) 525-0305. She'll be happy to hear from you.

Curtis Bryant is a veteran of the U.S. Army and was in Desert Storm. He was an Ohio State Trooper for 24 years and now he is starting a Home Video Studio in Franklin, Ohio. Watch and listen to Curtis's unique insights into start ing a video production services business during this COVID 19 outbreak.

Kyle Cooley started his Home Video Studio in 2015. Kyle was a teacher. He started part-time and works his studio out of his home. Kyle was Home Video Studio's Rookie of the Year in 2016. He is a multi Hanley Award winner. Kyle retired from teaching and went full time in 2019. Kyle owns and operates his studio in Monroe, Michigan.

Once or twice a month Home Video Studio holds a full day seminar on what it's like to run your own video production studio business. Many people take care of everything over the phone and email but some want to come visit our Indianapolis flagship studio. They want to meet us in person, see the studio video production and editing equipment and really just absorb the Home Video Studio experience.

It all starts on Friday evening with a get-to-know you dinner at a nice Indianapolis restaurant. We'll meet and enjoy some food and fellowship. On Saturday morning we will start early and go all day. We're going to take you through everything about running a video production and transfer business - everything that you've always wondered about Home Video Studio and more. You'll learn about how the video business works and the hours you will run your video transfer business. Will you be part-time or full-time? We'll cover transitions from your current job plus a studio tour, initial concepts, pricing, video editing software, hardware, etc. The list goes on and on. There is a lot to the Home Video Studio Business Opportunity.

The Show 'N Tell Saturday video business seminar is a day that changes lives.

We've seen it so many times! We take you through all the ins and outs of opening up a video business. It is an amazing process and an amazing day. We guarantee it will change your life (and your lifestyle!). Show 'N Tell Saturday is also a good day to bring your spouse or partner for a visit. They will be wowed and by the end of the day they will be more informed about what you want to do.

Attendance is free. There is no charge. We reveal a lot about the video business at Show 'N Tell Saturday. You are going to learn a lot. Call or email us ASAP to make arrangements for you and your spouse (or partner) to attend. Space is always very limited so contact us now to reserve your spot.

Travel Costs are reimbursed. We even credit your for your travel expenses (air far, rental car, gas, hotel, meals) assuming you end up buying a studio video business and many people do come on board at Show 'N Tell. Get ready to make your reservations to attend The Home Video Studio Business Show 'N Tell Saturday.

We'll talk about the money too. How much you can make and how much it takes. You may love video editing and shooting. Producing video projects is exciting but those things don't mean anything if you aren't making the kind of money you want and need. How do you make money with a video business? That's what we will show you. Get ready to make your reservations and travel to our next Show 'N Tell Saturday.

Call 317-358-5932 or 1-866-714-1956 to reserve your spot! Or Email Space is limited. Travel paid for qualified attendees!

Here's what we'll cover at Show 'N Tell Saturday.

The number one thing we'll cover is making money in the video business. I'll cover pricing video as well as collecting the money. What's the difference between a $500.00 video and a $5000.00 video? Are you leaving money on the table? I'll teach you how we do it! Oh... what about a $30,000.00 video?
This is the great unknown for most people who attempt to enter our industry. How do you get business and find clients? I'll share with you.
I'll cover our 12 month and 21 day in person training program in depth. How do we take you from where you are now to where you want to be? We are very good at this as long as you can take that first step and get to Show 'N Tell!
You'll be in my studio all day so we'll definitely get into the nitty gritty on equipment and gear. How will you outfit your studio? Do you have current equipment that can be used? Maybe and if so that will save you some money.
Home Video Studio is a short cut to success. You may be looking for both financial success and creative achievements - money in the bank and an Oscar! We make no promises except to put you in an environment with others who have the same vision. Our mission is to help you achieve success as you define it.
Not everyone is out to make a fortune. Home Video Studio is a very fun and exciting business and lifestyle. Want to turn your hobby into a real live functioning studio? We can do that for you. Want to get your family involved in the business? We'll help train them. This is a very family friendly business.
We'll discuss transitions and getting started. Going to quit your job? Come out of retirement? Convert a 401k? Will you work the studio part time until you can go full time? We will start designing a plan for you at Show 'N Tell Saturday.
We are experts in funding and financing. If you need us to help you find the money we would be happy to. It is easy to convert a 401k or IRA with zero penalty. Many people do a refi or a home equity loan. There are other avenues as well. One of the things we do on Saturday afternoon is cover financing. It's not that difficult. If you need consultation on funding call us.

We suggest you bring your spouse/partner to our Show 'N Tell Saturday. That's our treat. You'll know a whole lot more about running a Home Video Studio by end of day on Saturday!

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Are you at a standstill? Need a career change? Start your own Home Video Studio and control your life and your lifestyle. Be creative and have tons of fun. Are you doing video as a hobby right now? Have you toyed with photography? If you like computers, technology, cameras, etc. then Home Video Studio may be the perfect business for you. Home Video Studio can turn your passion into your profession.

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