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Testimonials for Starting a Home Based Video Production Company

Here what some studio owners had to say about starting their own Home Based Video Production Business

Tom Ott talks about how he started with Home Video Studio
Tony and Lori Melendez of Home Video Studio Amherst, Ohio started in May of 2002. Tony was a school Teacher. Lori ran a daycare business.
Debbie Williams was a fitness instructor and a graphic artist. She started part-time out of her home in 2011 and now owns and operates a Home Video Studio Store in Florence, Kentucky.
Home Video Studio Owner Ken Sander remarks on his fifteen Year milestone with Home Video Studio
Mike Regan of Scottsdale, Arizona had a lengthy corporate career in Computer Information Systems with the Dial Corporation, WestGroup Management Resources, Inc., and ALLTEL Information Systems. He was a part-owner and Vice President of Universal Helicopters, Inc., which is a helicopter flight school based in Scottsdale, AZ.

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