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home video studio- Dayton
Home Video Studio - Dayton

Date: 12/12/2016

Meet Scott Doelling, one of our newest studio owners from Hilliard, Ohio. Scott comes to Home Video Studio with an impressive resume as a photographer and journalist in the television news industry, including awards from the Associated Press and the National Press Photographers Association. Doelling is also the recipient of four Emmy awards and was Ohio TV News Photographer of the Year for 2015.

Scott's video career actually began in front of the camera as a weekend sports reporter for WLUC-TV in Marquette, Michigan. He was awarded that position as an 18 year old freshman at Northern Michigan University, performed in that role throughout college, and became a full-time news reporter there upon graduation.

In 1991 Doelling went behind the camera, travelling across North America as a videographer for Moore Outdoors, an outdoor hunting and fishing show. Scott then moved back into television news as a photographer and bureau chief at WFRV-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin. A highlight of his time there was covering the Green Bay Packers when athletes like Brett Favre and Reggie White were playing at their peak.

For the last twenty years Scott has been at WBNS-TV in Columbus, Ohio covering the news and helping produce great, award-winning stories. Among his favorites is a story about a nine year old boy who started and grew a snow cone business. "He was a great character to profile and to tell the viewers about," says Doelling. "All the pieces just fell into place that day and we had a great story that I won't forget."

Scott ran across Home Video Studio by way of Facebook and, with piqued interest, came to Show-N-Tell within a few months. He will be installed and open for business in January of 2017. Although starting part-time Doelling is looking forward to moving to full-time quickly: "The television news business is rapidly changing. More and quicker deadlines make the job much more demanding than it has ever been. I'm looking forward to growing an enterprise that allows me more control over my schedule and allows me to spend more time with my family."

Doelling lives in Hilliard, Ohio with his wife and two children. He enjoys digital photography, playing tennis, working on projects around the house, and attending Columbus Blue Jackets games with his wife.

home video studio- Dayton
Dayton OH

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